Stem Cell Fat Transfer

Experience the innovative stem cell fat transfer procedure with professionally administered anti-aging ALMI™ injections from Simply Radiant in Las Vegas, NV. Unlock the potential of your own body’s tissues to rejuvenate your skin for a younger, more luminous looking face.

What Is An ALMI™ Stem Cell Fat Transfer

ALMI™ stands for autologous lipocyte micronized injection. Simply put, the ALMI™ fat transfer, or fat grafting procedure, uses resources you probably don’t need anyway (fat) to stimulate your body’s ability to grow new collagen.

Collagen is what gives a child that baby-faced plumpness. The natural decrease in collagen production over time is what makes the skin on our face start to sag, bag, and show those fine lines and wrinkles as we age.

The ALMI™ procedure uses stem cell fat transfer to encourage and increase your collagen growth for a smoother, fuller, younger look in the areas that concern you most. If you’re looking for a plumping wrinkle treatment, we invite you to consider the power of stem cell fat.

The Benefits Of Fat Grafting

You don’t have to wonder where the materials in your treatment are coming from or allergic reactions. ALMI™ is a little bit of you put to beautiful use. You have all the filler you need – all-natural and nurturing for your cells.

  • Stem Cell Fat Treatment Areas
  • Smooth Out Wrinkles & Lines
  • Fill In Hollows & Depressions
  • Define The Jaw & Chin Areas
  • Restore Texture, Tone & Elasticity
  • Younger Looking Neck & Chest Areas
  • Plumper Lips

What To Expect

This collagen loss treatment is a simple, in-office procedure. Depending on your treatment plan and desired results, it can take between one and three hours. A small amount of fatty tissue is gently gathered and purified. It is then distributed right into your problem areas for instant results that only improve over time and can last up to 5 years.

Downtime & Side Effects

There are few or no side effects associated with this safe, all-natural procedure. You may experience slight swelling at the treatment site that lasts for a day or two. It’s mild discomfort for a considerable benefit.

The Benefits Of Experience

When you trust us with your ALMI™ Stem Cell Fat Transfer, you get all the benefits of experience along with your treatment. We pride ourselves on on-going education and the perfection of our craft, making you look and feel your best.

We also offer PRP procedures to compliment your ALMI™ injections and a range of other services and professional-grade products to personalize your experience with us.

Schedule Your Anti-Aging ALMI™ Appointment Today

Stop wondering about stem cell fat transfer and experience what all the hype is about for yourself. This procedure is now conveniently available in Las Vegas at Simply Radiant medspa. Contact us today to make an appointment and find out if ALMI™ injections are right for you.

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