Simply Vibrant Therapy

If you’re interested in Vibraderm in Las Vegas, contact the skincare experts at Simply Radiant for Simply Vibrant treatments. Simply Vibrant is one of the newest solutions available as an alternative to microdermabrasion. This revolutionary new treatment can improve the appearance of skin anywhere on the body and uses exfoliation to stimulate natural collagen production. Get ready to look and feel younger with a Simply Vibrant treatment.

Dermatologists & Patients Love Simply Vibrant

While microdermabrasion treats small areas of the body and causes a noticeable amount of irritation, Simply Vibrant Vibraderm cosmetic therapy has become a sought-after alternative to traditional sandblasting procedures, which usually leave behind particles that have been proven difficult to remove from the skin fully.

Unlike older microdermabrasion treatments, Vibraderm requires fewer chemicals and takes less time to administer. New collagen will begin to form in as little as 3-5 treatments, but noticeable changes can occur even after just one 10-minute treatment. Other benefits would include:

  • No Residual Pain
  • No Downtime
  • Increased Tone & Texture
  • May Reverse Cellulite (*studies currently under research)
  • Smoother Fine Lines
  • Lighter Acne Scars
  • Smaller Pores

Vibraderm Vs. Microdermabrasion 

Studies have shown that most participants who have tried both Vibraderm and traditional microdermabrasion treatments prefer and notice the difference in pain, comfort, and feel of Simply Vibrant. Vibraderm sessions are quieter, more soothing, and safe because they can only be administered by a trained and certified technician.

Treating Facial Acne & More

Simply Vibrant out-competes microdermabrasion in many ways and can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures to help you meet your beauty goals. Receiving a chemical peel or laser treatment alongside a Simply Vibrant treatment can alleviate many skin conditions from hyperpigmentation to superficial lesions, melisma, keratosis pilaris, acne, and many others.

Unlike microdermabrasion, Simply Vibrant  treatments can be used for larger portions of the body and is becoming an increasingly popular way for dermatologists to enhance topical penetration of additional skin care products, helping them to be absorbed faster.

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Ready to enhance your skin’s ability to rejuvenate and rebuild that healthy youthful glow? Find out if Vibraderm treatments are right for your skin. Call us at Simply Radiant in Las Vegas today for a Simply Vibrant consultation.

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