Nano Laser Peel

The Las Vegas anti-aging specialists at Simply Radiant know that even though age may begin to show because of many different factors in our environment, a Nano Laser Peel can often help. Let our soothing ambiance, professional staff, and advanced facial treatments help you meet your skin care goals.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

For tired, dull or damaged skin, a Nano Laser face or body peel can bring rejuvenation. The texture at the top layer of your skin is improved, revealing a transformed younger appearance. Let people comment you on your sudden glow. The most common skin complaints that the Nano Laser Peel can alleviate include:

  • Pigment Discoloration
  • Mild Scars
  • Keratosis
  • Sun Damage
  • Skin Laxity

Nano Laser Peel For Damaged Skin

The Nano Laser Peel derives its name from its ability to remove only the first 4 micron layers of damaged skin. The results tend to be far superior to other chemical peels for its precision to target the correct depth for optimum success. At Simply Radiant we can customize your Nano Laser Peel experience to address only the areas you want treated for the best possible outcome to your age revealing complaints and cosmetic desires.

Body Peel For Enhanced Glowing Skin Texture

The Nano Laser Peel can also penetrate the deeper layers of skin and precise spots to target specific areas of the body. Unlike older chemical peel options, the Nano Laser Peel activates proteins in your skin that accelerates your body’s healing and renewal process.

Similar yet very different from the exfoliating process known as microdermabrasion, the Nano Laser body peel removes the top layer of the dermis to reveal a beautiful new youthful appearance as your body increases its natural production of collagen to fill in unwanted wrinkles.

Nano Laser Peels In Las Vegas

The way we treat our skin and make certain facial expressions on a daily basis will eventually start to show up in ways we don’t like. For an easy life-changing solution, consider treating yourself to a Nano Laser Peel at Simply Radiant in Las Vegas. Discover how we can help you shrink pores, eliminate fine lines, tighten loose skin, and boost your confidence with this great new treatment today. Call to schedule your consultation.

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